Best of Sort of (2007-2010)

by Jaimie Muehlhausen

"Best of Sort of" is a collection of home recordings. After the Deadlites broke up in late 1999, I mostly stopped playing music live. Concentrated on family and work and wrote a few songs here and there. Played a handful of acoustic gigs. Then got divorced in 2007 and more songs came out. I bought a little home recorder and a couple of inexpensive mics and made these home recordings with the help of friends here and there. For better or worse, I played most of the instruments and sang all the vocals, but there are some great contributions from Mike Hawkins, Rob Quillen, Dave Quillen, Greg Noll, and Oliver Fiedler. Sorry if I missed anyone. But mostly I played electric and acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar, bass, percussion, keyboards, mandolin, mandoguitar, glockenspiel, and harmonica. The cover photos are by my good friend Randy Laybourne. Don't judge the quality TOO much...they were mostly recorded late at night after kids were in bed and volumes were low.