Each section of artwork is 5′ x 5′ in size and was created using Liquitex spray paint on wood.

“For some time I had envisioned doing a project whereby we try to recreate an almost Jackson Pollock mural but done while skateboarding. Needless to say that Tony and Cab were my first and only choices not only because they are legends within the sport but because they are both creative and thought would appreciate a project such as this. The idea was for them to create the random artwork free of any direction and through the use of spray paint. Initially, we wanted to have the skateboard wheels dipped in paint and for them to then skate across the canvas but ultimately decided that it was too challenging. What we ended up with was a trigger system that allowed them to have 2 cans of their choosing at a time and they laid down the trail as they saw fit. I t was always meant to be an organic, fun and creative experience and for me as an artist to simply help guide them from 35feet up above them and capture what was being produced. As far as we know, this has never been attempted before. I think that they both did not know what they were really getting into at the beginning, but soon enough, they were really involved. We would coordinate in terms of colors, patterns and the general feel that they wanted to create and seeing their artistic flair that they brought to the project was very unique to see especially from my perspective. Each platform took many hours to put together but only around 30 mins for the artwork to be completed. Their vision and dedication was evident which really helped the process along. It was without a doubt one of the most unique shoots that I have been a part of and because of the good cause to raise money for the Tony Hawk Foundation made it that much more special.” — ANDREI DUMAI, PROJECT PRODUCER AND PHOTOGRAPHER


Check out these videos of Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero creating their unique pieces:

For more information about availability, cost or other speci cs, please contact Angela Rhodehamel at the Tony Hawk Foundation.

email: angela@tonyhawkfoundation.org
phone: 760-477-2479